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Observations from a Business Analyst

Selected Acheivments

  • In my current role I have created and managed the implementation of an ICT strategy for Social Services within Solihull, affecting over 600 members of staff, to promote improvement in performance, efficiency and cost savings. Elements of the strategy included secure access to information from remote sites; mobile working and the implementation of PC replacement planning
  • I was appointed as the chairman of the Midlands OLM user group which acts to represent Local Authorities using OLM software to deliver Social Care. I currently represent in the region of 10 authorities.
  • I project managed the ICT transformation of the HR&E department at Solihull Council, building respect within the department while undergoing some fundamental changes including the reduction of staff and the introduction of shared working. I was able to deliver the ICT element to the department by having the respect within the business so that the users felt that ICT were helping develop rather than forcing change upon them.
  • I created the Solihull Council ICT Innovations Forum, including the Exploitation and Mobile Working sub-groups. This forum had representation from stakeholders across the council and discussed issues and ideas around ICT and how it was applied within Solihull MBC.
  • Implemented project management techniques to manage new developments and customer contacts for both Solihull Council and Cobweb Solutions, a managed service company.
  • Managed the installation and implementation of a multi-function paediatric cardiac database with over 100 users in a leading cardiac hospital. Including working with suppliers to ensure the product was delivered on time and to budget. Training members of staff and helping them develop a new way of working.
  • Managed the roll out of a multi application citizen smart card solution within Southampton City Council. This included consultation with end users and citizens as to their requirements, facilitation of meetings between senior members of the Council to ensure that plans met with political approval, the production of training material for end users and the physical installation of software and hardware in venues across the city.
  • While at Southampton City Council I established a multi-national smart card interest group focusing on the implementation of smart card solutions within a city and urban environment as part of the dissemination for the SmartCities project. The group consists of cities from across Europe who had a particular interest in smart cards and possible urban multi-application solutions.

Written by Paul Jennings

October 9, 2008 at 9:55 pm


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